The Canon ImagePRESS C7000VP!

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Check this out. It’s a printer. Only you’re very unlikely to be able to pick it up from PC World this weekend, primarily because you can’t pick it up and even if you could it wouldn’t fit in your car. It wouldn’t even fit in your dad’s mate’s van. Not even a long wheelbase.

The ImagePRESS C7000 is 33 feet long, but can do 70 pages a minute at 1200 dpi. It’s quite impractical, thinking about it, but there’s something strangely fascinating about printers this big. Look. It’s fantastic. It’s like a mini factory.


It costs around $280,000 which is about £140,000. No doubt by the time it comes out here we’ll be expected to pay much more than £140,000 for it, though, thanks to Rip-Off Britain’s over-inflated prices.

It’d be cheaper to buy one online from the USA, then get it disassembled and shipped in 10,000 separate padded envelopes. If, that is, you want a £140,000 printer and have a factory to put it in.

(Via Dvice)

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