Facebook is… the nation's most popular thing-to-do on Christmas Day

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facebook-christmas-2008-domination.jpgAstonishing figures from web stat counter Hitwise estimate that one in 22 of all internet data requests was for a Facebook page on Christmas Day, as everyone used their new netbooks to change their status to read “…is stuffed, drunk and nauseous.”

That’s up 69% from the traffic Facebook managed to harvest at Christmas of 2007, giving the popularity-boasting friends/dating portal a 4.65% share of the ENTIRE INTERNET and making it the second most-visited site of all.

Google remained the most popular bit of the web according to Hitwise, with YouTube taking third place as the bored population searched for something a bit more entertaining to stare at than the usual abysmal Christmas telly scheduling.

(Via BBC)

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Gary Cutlack
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