Twitter directly from Flickr


Flickr has joined the Twitter revolution and now allows users to directly post pictures or videos into their Twitter streams.

They can either be uploaded directly using a dedicated email address or can they can be tweeted from Flickr using the ‘blog this’ function.

The tweets will show a special short URL and the user will have 116 characters left to tweet any additional info.

It’s about time Flickr got official with Twitter. Services such as Twittergram have demonstrated that linking from Flickr is an easy thing to do.

(via Flickr)

Nintendo full of itself – claims 99% of US video game growth is down to Wii and DS

It’s like the last days of the Roman Empire in Nintendo’s American HQ. Fresh from selling a record-breaking 3m DS units and 2m Wiis in America during December alone, the power-crazed toy company has now claimed it’s two machines are responsible for 99% of the growth the game industry saw during 2008.

Nintendo sent out a graph. This might mark the precise moment in time the company got too big for its boots.


The stat behind this ludicrous claim is that the US games industry took $3.35 billion…

Facebook is… the nation's most popular thing-to-do on Christmas Day


Astonishing figures from web stat counter Hitwise estimate that one in 22 of all internet data requests was for a Facebook page on Christmas Day, as everyone used their new netbooks to change their status to read “…is stuffed, drunk and nauseous.”

That’s up 69% from the traffic Facebook managed to harvest at Christmas of 2007, giving the popularity-boasting friends/dating portal a 4.65% share of the ENTIRE INTERNET and making it the…

Make, share, and buy 3D designs online with Shapeways


Shapeways is a lovely idea – it’s a website that lets you do 3D modelling online, without any of the tedious tweaking from three different angles that usually accompanies such modelling packages. You can design and share your creations, and Shapeways can produce and deliver any design within 10 working days.

I did a search, and there’s no goatses on the site just yet, which is a shame, but there are a number of lovely lamp surrounds, like the one pictured. These “light poems” require no modelling at all – you just put the text in, and it’ll create it for you. I’m making one right now that just says “poo” over and over again. Round and round. It’s beautiful.


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