IKON digital radio with colour touch screen/iPod dock

Here's a gadget that claims to be the first multi-format digital radio with built in colour touch screen.

Dubbed the REVO Ikon it certainly seems to offer plenty of facilities including DAB, DAB+ and internet radio – as well as conventional FM radio with RDS. Where available, colour station logos, station descriptions, track and artist information, news headlines etc. are displayed on the device's 3.5inch colour screen.

8-bit FM – chiptune and video game music, 24/7


Do you like old-skool videogame music and chiptune acts like Pixelh8, Neotericz and Receptors? Then you’ll be pleased as punch about the launch of 8-bit FM, an internet radio station dedicated to the bleepy sounds of days gone by.

Although they’re currently working out some bugs, the plan is for the station to be live 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. There’s a web-based flash player, and you can also listen in Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, Winamp, and iTunes. There’s even a live request system if there’s a particular choon you wanna hear.

8-bit FM (via Technabob)

Philips NP2900 – MP3 streaming with sound engineering


Part of me thinks that Philips is too scared to give its products proper names in case we’re disappointed with what they produce. It’s a bit of a shame really because the quite dry sounding Philips NP2900 is actually a very nice piece of kit.

What we’re looking at is an apparently well designed, well engineered £249 machine that’ll work over Wi-Fi to play streamed MP3s from your hard drive and all billions of internet radio stations too.

Better still, the NP, er, what was that number again, comes with a new Philips technology they call LivingSound which aims to expand the stereo sweet spot of the system with a series of precisely angled drivers within the four speakers and specially levelled internal amps. The plan is to broaden the soundscape as much as possible.

Naturally, it also comes with Philips FullSound tech too which aims to unruin the ruin caused by MP3 file compression at the slight expense of having to guess what the music is supposed to sound like. Perhaps not a technology for the purist but then nor are MP3s.

Available from May ’09 (this month)


Philips Ariaz and Opus GoGear Review:

DAB growth slowing across the UK


The humble DAB radio has been a fixture in middle-class households across the UK for several years now. However, it’s growth appears to be slowing. Although more than half a million sets were sold in December, that’s down nearly 10% on the previous year, and down 20% on the Digital Radio Development Bureau’s forecast for the year.

At the same time, there’s no date been set for analogue radio switchoff and the growth of internet radio and compatible devices directly threatens DAB’s position as the future of radio, in the same way that Blu-ray is being threatened by digital delivery of video content.

DAB either needs a strong injection of support, or to be cut free to sink or swim on its own. Its current middle-ground situation isn’t really helping anyone. Much will depend on what happens in 2009, I suspect. Do you use DAB? Could you live without it? Tell us your story in the comments.

(via the Guardian)

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Create MP3 files from Internet radio stations with MP3videoraptor 3.0


I’m not sure what relationship RapidSolution’s MP3videoraptor 3.0 has to a bird of prey or a dinosaur, but this intriguingly-named software allows you to download audio from Internet radio stations and save it in MP3 format, for playing at any time on your computer or portable music player.

MP3videoraptor 3.0 works by scouring the Internet for songs and music videos based on search criteria you enter. It utilises several web sites which already exist solely to create customised playlists — in this way, users don’t have to wait until a song is played live…