The Radiopaq Rp5 – unchain your internet radio

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The internet radio agreggators over at Radiopaq have decided that they’re bored of being trapped inside your computers and have today launched a new Wi-Fi DAB radio to stream all the music stations and all the podcasts you need straight to wherever you and your sexy new gadget are.

You don’t think it’s sexy? Well, actually I’m not too sure as yet myself but, from the images, I’m getting nice smooth lines, a good looking LCD – including functionality designed to mimic the Radiopaq website – and a five-way speaker system.

Ok, so I didn’t get that last bit from the photo. I read that. I also read that if you don’t want to stream direct from, then it’s got normal DAB and even plain old FM with or without RDS – it’s your call.

Surprise, surprise, you can also plug your MP3 player into it too but I’m oddly relieved to see that it’s done via USB rather than some ugly old, all-too-common dock. Getting really tired of them.

You’ll be able to pick one up for £250 which is a fair amount but not extortionate given the tech involved, I suppose. I’ll grab you some dates on that later today and maybe some more snaps too.


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