Create MP3 files from Internet radio stations with MP3videoraptor 3.0

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I’m not sure what relationship RapidSolution’s MP3videoraptor 3.0 has to a bird of prey or a dinosaur, but this intriguingly-named software allows you to download audio from Internet radio stations and save it in MP3 format, for playing at any time on your computer or portable music player.

MP3videoraptor 3.0 works by scouring the Internet for songs and music videos based on search criteria you enter. It utilises several web sites which already exist solely to create customised playlists — in this way, users don’t have to wait until a song is played live.

The software also offers MP3 enhancement, integrated music player, CD burner, ring tone generator, web video recorder, and synchronisation with MP3 player.

The developers claim that this is all 100% legal because recording from Internet radio is legal. However, I can’t help feeling there might be some problems down the line, as bulk downloading copyrighted material may not be in the spirit of the original services. We’ll see.

A trial version is available, allowing 25 MP3 downloads, with the full version costing between €19.90 and €29.90 (around £15-£25)

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