Orange Liveradio: WiFi internet radio as Orange go audio

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Armed with their weight of mobile customers, Orange have heralded their arrival in the internet radio market by introducing a WiFi radio device with the launch.

The iPod dock-looking device is wireless, PC-less way to stream music from the Orange Liveradio portal , where you can listen to over 4,000 radio stations, through a pair of 2 x 4cm, 2W speakers.

You can customise your experience with presets and favourites through the portal and listen to your music anywhere in range of wireless router, using the power adapter or rechargeable AA batteries.

The device itself seems good enough with its 3.5mm jack and USB slot, so you can play your MP3 player through it, but it’s the 4,000 station service that worries me slightly, especially when you look at Intempo with a 30,000 station service and a radio device that records tracks and filters out adverts too.

I have no idea why people would chose Orange as their internet radio portal rather than any other but the Liveradio device is a very smart step. It’s small, portable, wireless, doesn’t need a computer and may just convince consumers to use the Orange service. The only trouble is that it does cost a rather prohibitive £99.99.

Orange Liveradio (via Mobile)

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  • I don’t like it when a phone network sponors a product because there will always be some sort of exclusivity which make some features impossible to get if they don’t work on that specific netwrok, but this seems to be promising.

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