Is Firefox 3 crashing regularly for anyone else?

Or is it just me? About 50 percent of the time Firefox 3 generates this weird error message when I close it down. Not when it’s running, but when I close it down. Firefox shuts, then up pops the error. It is marginally annoying, to put it mildly.

No, Firefox, you haven’t crashed, I’ve just closed you down on purpose. Can’t you tell the difference between being closed and crashing? You’re supposed to be all-new and clever. Internet Explorer has never done this to me (probably because I last used it in 1999).


I am, and you will no doubt all tell me this is the reason, using Windows Vista…

Firefox 3 has been downloaded close to 6 million times now, deemed a success


Have you downloaded Firefox 3 yet? Better scoot on, as you’ve only got a few more hours left if you want your download to count in their Guinness Book of World Records attempt.

At the moment, 5,878,774 people have downloaded the new browser, with the US, Australia, Brazil, China, Japan, Iran, Spain, France, Germany, Poland, Italy and the United Kingdom being the most supportive with over 500,000 downloads per country.

Actually, scratch that – in the time it took me to write those few sentences, thousands more people have clicked the ‘download’ button – it’s now at 5,898,474. Now it’s 5,907,602. This is turning out to be quite addictive…

Firefox 3 creeps closer to official launch, as Release Candidate 2 arrives

firefox_icon.jpgFirefox pushes on towards an official launch with yesterday’s launch of the Release Candidate 2 version. Mozilla’s eagerly awaited third version came out of beta last month, and now web developers and other interested parties are crawling all over a version which should be fairly close to the final version.

There’s a mountain of improvements in Firefox 3 compared to Firefox 2, many relating to the important issues of security, reliability, and performance…

Help Firefox 3 set a Guinness World Record – most downloads in a single day


Everyone likes Firefox, apart from Microsoft and Apple, although it’s probably Steve Jobs’s guilty pleasure to sit naked on his Dell, surfing on Mozilla’s browser while listening to the Zune and whipping himself with a copy of Windows.

Now, I should imagine most of us have never been kind enough to donate anything to Mozilla for all their hard work but we’ll all probably download Firefox 3 soon enough, if you haven’t already bagged the beta.

Instead, why not give a little something back that won’t even cost you a penny by helping the company break the Guinness World Record for the most number of downloads in a 24-hour period…

Firefox 3 now out of beta


The latest, highly anticipated version of Firefox is gearing up for full-scale release. It has just had its beta training wheels taken off and has reached Release Candidate stage. In short, it has reached the stage where web developers can test their services on a pretty much finalised version so that they’re ready for when it is granted its official release…