Firefox 3 menu edit hack – rid yourself of pointless options


Well, I’ve got to hand it to Nick Johnson of Cheaphack, he does appear to be the first person to specifically hack Firefox 3 and because, quite reasonably, he feels rather inundated by the number of options he never uses on the menus.

Personally, I rarely use the menus at all with Ctrl-T as my mantra but if you fancy a go, you should be warned that it does involve tinkering around with a few files deep in the heart of Mozilla’s program. But so long as you have the original installer on standby, then I can’t see you’ll do any real damage.

However, if the badge of pride that you tailor-made your own browser is fairly meaningless to you, then there is always this perfectly good menu editor instead. Sorry Nick.

Cheaphack (via Hack a Day)

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Daniel Sung
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