91% of Japanese consumers won't buy iPhone because of fixed battery, claims media survey


iphone_sushi.jpgAccording to Tech-On, over nine in ten Japanese consumers won’t buy the iPhone 3G when it launches, primarily because it does not have a removable battery. At least, that’s the conclusion drawn by Daimaou, writing at Akihabara News, who is incensed at the survey.

The survey of 402 people asked questions including “Do you prefer replaceable batteries?”, for which three-quarters of respondents said they did, and then seemingly drew the conclusion that most consumers wouldn’t buy the iPhone 3G.

Mind you, turning the statistic around, if 9% of the Japanese population bought an iPhone 3G, that would amount to over 11 million sales, which Apple would be very happy with.

Whatever the truth is, we’ll find out how popular the iPhone 3G is when it launches in Japan on 11th July.

(Via Akihabara News)

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Andy Merrett
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