Internet Explorer 8 ready for download, Facebook ready and all

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Microsoft demonstrated the latest incarnation of Internet Explorer at the MIX08 conference yesterday, and then promptly surprised the audience by announcing it’s ready for immediate download.

The demo showed off some of its new features. As we reported, it’s web standards-compliant by default.

There’s automatic crash recovery, an improved phishing filter, and a new Favourites Bar.

It also gives a serious hat-tip to some of Microsoft’s latest friends. Facebook users can get status updates directly in the IE8 browser toolbar, while WebSlices is a feature that allows users to subscribe to bits of a page and then track their updates without having to visit the original page. There’s also integration with Live Maps and Me.dium.

Windows users can go and download the beta now from Microsoft — let us know what you think.

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One thought on “Internet Explorer 8 ready for download, Facebook ready and all

  • Shame it’s a pile of crap though. I just downloaded it and find that it takes 30 seconds to start up, sets off my hard drive fan at 100% and crashes every time I open Favorites. Every time.

    How the hell does one downgrade to IE7? I tried it and was refused – because I have a more up to date version. And if I delete IE8 how the hell do I go online to download 7 again?

    Microsoft strike again. I may go Linux after all. Utter, utter crap.

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