It's a good time to be European, with the prospect of an Xbox 360 price cut looming


xbox-360-price-cut.jpgHey, it’s another reason why we should be thankful for living in the UK or Europe! Websites are currently reporting that as of this Easter, the Xbox 360 Arcade console from Microsoft will be getting a price-cut of €50 (or £38), bringing it to only £150 for us Brits.

Which is, as you know, £30 cheaper than the Nintendo Wii. What this will do to the Xbox 360 brand is anyone’s guess, however making it cheaper than the most affordable, family-friendly console is bound to win it points from frazzled mums at Chrimbo time, but lose points from 360 fanboys who will no doubt feel the cheaper price is actually cheapening the brand. At least we can look forward to some fresh blood when playing online, anyway.

(via Kotaku and Xboxer)

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