Men getting into interior design – so their lovely new LCD TVs match the curtains

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LG-TV-INTERIOR-DESIGN.jpgThe trend of replacing ugly old CRTs with fancy new LCDS has lead to men getting all worried about the insides of their houses.

A survey from LCD maker LG found that 6/10 Brits believe their TV’s design is important to their homes, with an even higher percentage saying that the TV is “an integral part of their interior design decisions.”

Men, in fact, are now so worried about how their growing home cinema setup looks they’re twice as likely as women to buy a TV because of the way its style impacts on their interior design.

The TV is no longer just a TV – it is a conversation piece. The conversation will be about how much you paid for it six months ago, compared to how much the very same model costs now, but still. A big telly is important to modern man as a finely pebble-dashed exterior wall was to to his father.

Anthony Yang, general product manager for LG Electronics says, “As interior design becomes increasingly integral to our homes we are also seeing the more prominent role TV design is playing. Design is now critical to consumers when making a purchasing decision – our research shows this and we see it every day on the shop floor.”

LG’s making a big deal out of this as it’s just launched its new 1080p HD LCD range, which has a “striking, slim silhouette, deep red-coloured back and round aperture with LED light, a unique teardrop design and a high-gloss black finish” to perfectly complement your World of Leather sofa.

(Via LG)

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  • Frankly speaking I don’t care if the color and shape of my TV matches the color of the carpet or the curve of the table.

  • Some may laugh at that but I have to tell you that my husband was choosing the most suitable blinds for a month.

  • Apart form the funny way of introducing the article, I doubt there is any truth in the title. Some men feel things better than women.

  • When Wi-Fi and a Freeview Playback capable HDD is integrated into the back of the LCD, it will definately be the focal point/discussion piece in your typical lounge, and I for one vow to buy scatter cushions in complimentary colours to mark the occasion…

    The internet on my TV with Wii-mote style mouse cursor action?…

    Mmmmn. Mmmmn indeed.

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