Microsoft taking Internet Explorer mobile… but is it a good idea?

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internet_explorer-windows-mobile.pngMicrosoft is planning to launch a version of Internet Explorer for Windows Mobile powered handsets. It’s apparently part of a strategy to take on the iPhone by matching it feature-for-feature – hence IE going up against the iPhone’s Safari browser.

Mobile IE may be based on Microsoft’s Deepfish research project, which has been looking into how to access full-size web pages on a small mobile screen. It’s this last bit that’s crucial: simply squashing Internet Explorer into phones will be a disaster – what’s needed is a browser designed specifically to render websites for a phone.

iPhone users have been raving about the experience of using Safari on the go (apart from the sluggish EDGE network, of course), so Microsoft will have to come out with something rather special to seize back the limelight. What do you think: is IE on a mobile a good idea?

(via Electronista)

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Stuart Dredge
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  • The internet browser is forced on users by MS and Operators. Who says mobile users want a pc like mobile browser…internet content yes, a browser??? There must be a better way to get content using a mobile. Surely the likes of MS, Opera can be more creative and adventurous.

  • Nokia has its own built-in internet explorer but Microsoft has its own value and slandered so it will help people more………

  • Nokia has a pretty competent browser of it’s own pre- installed on its Nseries devices, and Opera has both Opera Mobile (Symbian/WinMo) and Opera Mini (J2ME) for just about everybody elses past, present and future devices that can quite happily sling fists with the iPhones Safari.

    It’ll take nothing short of a small miracle for users to voluntarily opt in to an already beleaguered brand such as Internet Explorer on their pocket electronics… that or a bribe.

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