Nokia N94i running Windows Mobile? Our fakeometer just exploded…

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nokia-n94i-windows-mobile.JPGYou might think the idea of Nokia releasing a Windows Mobile smartphone is ridiculous when it has its own Series 60 operating system. The vast majority of geeks would agree.

But if you’re the sort of person who’d rather trust obscure Thai auction sites offering blurry snaps of prototype handsets…

Well, you might want to check out this supposed N94i, which besides running Windows Mobile, apparently has a touchscreen’n’stylus, two-megapixel camera and MP3-playing capabilities. It’s up for sale on the Sanook auction site.

Nokia has been cuddling up to Microsoft in recent months with deals to use the latter’s PlayReady DRM and preload Windows Live services on its handsets, but a full Windows Mobile phone sounds frankly far-fetched. And besides, at its recent Go Play event, Nokia said it won’t be releasing any touchscreen phones until next year.

Obviously, if the N94i turns out to be real, I’ll come back and change that last paragraph ;o)

Nokia N94i auction (via Engadget)

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