Keep your gadgety green fingers clean with the USB greenhouse


USBGreenHse1_640.jpgAnd still the crazy USB gadgets keep coming. The latest novelty from Brando is the USB Greenhouse, which lets you grow drugs plants on your desktop without worrying about whether they’re getting enough sunlight.

Pros: Your computer keeps tabs on the growth status of your foliage, and you get free Marigold seeds with it. Cons: When future generations look back at the early 21st century, they’ll wonder why we were piddling about with USB greenhouses while the rainforests died.

If you can handle that creeping sense of shame, the gadget requires a Windows XP PC, 256MB of system RAM and 200MB of available hard disk space. I’ll say that again: TWO HUNDRED MEGABYTES of hard disk space. To use a USB greenhouse. *sobs*

USB Greenhouse website

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