Apple hails "incredible reaction" to iPhone SDK


Apple has announced that over 100,000 iPhone developers have downloaded the Software Development Kit since it was announced last week.

Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing, said that the reaction of developers to the SDK “has been incredible”, adding that over one million people watched the launch video at Apple’s web site…

DreamSpark: Microsoft offers registered students free developer software

microsoft.pngMicrosoft has made a seemingly smart move by giving away bundles of developer software for free to registered students in 11 countries.

The DreamSpark programme goes live today in the UK, Belgium, China, Finland, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada and the United States, and offers software including Visual Studio, Expression Studio, Windows Server, and XNA Game Studio 2.0.

Facebook to limit how many invitations users get. No more spam?

facebook_logo.jpgFacebook is changing the way that application invites are handled, meaning that the user experience should be improved from “not another @&£?$#! invite” to… well, a bit more peace and quiet.

They’ve already changed the way notifications are sent out, so that they vary based upon how “spammed” users are feeling.

Instead of the fixed limit of 20 invitations per user per day, the new dynamic limits will be based upon a user’s historical invitation acceptance rate, whether an application forces users to invite friends (ARGH!), and some additional undisclosed factors which “reflect the affinity users show for the application as a whole”. Whatever they may be.

Katherine Hannaford is…glad that Facebook is abolishing 'is' from status updates

facebooklogo250-thumb2.jpgI’d say 99% of Facebook users reading this line will have all seen the many groups on the social-networking site, calling for the abolishment of the word ‘is’ from status updates. Heck, some of you, like me, would’ve actually joined those groups.

Just like the groups which called for Cadbury Wispas to be brought back into production, the power…

Could you design a web app in 48 hours? 100 teams in Rails Rumble did!

programmers-developers.jpgImagine the geekiest thing you can think of. Bill Gates, watching an episode of X-Files in ASCII form? Multiply that by 97,524 times. Now you’re getting close to the spectacle that is…RAILS RUMBLE!

Basically it’s like an Olympics for geeks, with over 100 teams consisting of one to four developers, programmers and designers competing against one another by creating the best web application they can, in just 48 hours.

Teams weren’t allowed to prepare much for the competition, allowed to create only paper mockups before it…

iPhone opens up to developers via current web standards: No complicated SDK needed

Andy Merrett writes…

Developers have been waiting for some time to find out exactly if and how they can create applications for the iPhone – and yesterday Steve Jobs told them.

At his opening Keynote speech to the World Wide Developers’ Conference, he made it clear that the iPhone would handle applications, and they’d all run using Web 2.0 and AJAX technologies via the updated version of the Safari web browser.

I’ve already written that developers may now take notice of Safari because of the iPhone, and this effectively seals the deal.