Katherine Hannaford is…glad that Facebook is abolishing 'is' from status updates

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facebooklogo250-thumb2.jpgI’d say 99% of Facebook users reading this line will have all seen the many groups on the social-networking site, calling for the abolishment of the word ‘is’ from status updates. Heck, some of you, like me, would’ve actually joined those groups.

Just like the groups which called for Cadbury Wispas to be brought back into production, the power of the people has been confirmed, with it being announced – somewhat mumbly-jumbly-like – on the Facebook developers’ blog.

This sounds like a foreign language to me, but the blog states “The return value will now start with a verb, so prepending “is ” is no longer required. So in order to construct a full status message it is now $name + ‘ ‘ + $message, instead of $name + ‘ is ‘ + $message.”

I’m guessing that means we win? Woo?

Facebook Developers’ blog (via Valleywag)

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Katherine Hannaford
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