Facebook's latest attempt to emulate Twitter

Is Facebook scared of Twitter? Definitely. It’s why they tried to buy them back in November last year and it’s why they’re now looking at implementing an Everyone button in order to try and compete with the microblogging service.

Currently when Facebook users update their status or post messages they are published to only those people who have been selected to receive updates in the user’s privacy settings. Facebook are planning to change this so as everytime a message is posted or a user’s status is updated the user will have the option of selecting who their content will be available to.

Facebook are hoping that if enough people click the everyone option, then they could build a real-time news stream a la Twitter.

Knowing how sensitive Facebook users can be, expect numerous protest groups to be set up in the near future.

(via Tech Crunch)

Katherine Hannaford is…glad that Facebook is abolishing 'is' from status updates

facebooklogo250-thumb2.jpgI’d say 99% of Facebook users reading this line will have all seen the many groups on the social-networking site, calling for the abolishment of the word ‘is’ from status updates. Heck, some of you, like me, would’ve actually joined those groups.

Just like the groups which called for Cadbury Wispas to be brought back into production, the power…