Prison Officer sacked after friending prisoners on Facebook


There are several no-nos to avoid when you’re a prison officer. Letting the inmates out for a picnic is one. Swapping places with the prisoners and pretending you’re in some kind of Bizarro World is another. Befriending them on Facebook is another equally stupid sounding mistake, but one that a Leicestershire prison officer was sacked over.

An investigation into Nathan Singh was initiated when he was suspected of providing mobile phones and other such banned items to inmates. He was really caught bang to right when it was discovered that amongst his Facebook friends were 13 criminals, even though they didn’t find any evidence of his alleged smuggling. He was sacked for gross misconduct as a result.

Croatian arrested for creating pointless Facebook Group


I bet I can find 1,000 people that get annoyed by pointless invites to Facebook groups. However, I don’t think any of them would advocate chucking the group’s creator in prison. Exactly that has happened in Croatia, however, where a man’s been arrested after creating a group called “I bet I can find 5,000 people that hate the Prime minister”.

The man in question, Niksa Klecak, is the President of a local branch of the youth of SDP – which is the main opposition party in Croatia. They don’t like the governments financial policy, which seems to consist of telling the Croatian population to spend less money. He was arrested, following Godwin’s Law, on the pretext of keeping Nazi symbols and propaganda at home, but when the police couldn’t find any, they tried to link him to child porn instead.

Eventually he was released after a lack of evidence that he’d actually done anything illegal, but social networks and local media outlets all labelled his Facebook group as the reason. There’s now a group on the site called “Break into my place, you Gestapo wannabes. Croatia isn’t a police state!”.

It makes me glad to live in England. Our government wouldn’t randomly arrest members of the opposing political party, just because they’re saying things they don’t like. Oh… wait…

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Your entire identity's worth just £80


Your name, your address, your mother’s maiden name, your passport number, the name of your first pet (“fluffles”? seriously?), your credit card numbers, your top five albums, your national insurance number. All that – what security experts call your ‘identity’ in the context of ‘identity theft’ – is worth just £80.

That’s the price that entire packages of data are going for on message boards and websites populated by fraudsters and scammers. A single piece of data can go for as little as £5. The data’s so cheap because there’s so much of it available – nearly half of all UK computer users aren’t using a firewall or security software.

All you’ve gotta do is make sure that your virus scanner stays up-to-date, and that you’ve got the security features in your operating system fully enabled and up-to-date. In fact go run Windows Update now. I’ll wait. Back? Good. Odds-are that you’re now pretty much safe.

Get Safe Online (via BBC)

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The dangers of a full-on MMO addiction


Sit down by the fire, grandchildren, and let me explain to you why getting hooked on an MMO isn’t a good idea. Enter Hu Ange, a 22-year-old Chinese gent, who developed a rather nasty addiction to Legend – a browser-based MMO. He’s now on death row, and has just tried to claim ‘insanity’ as an excuse for his crimes.

What were those crimes? Well, it started when his parents gave him 50,000 yuan (£4.8k or so) to support his seafood business in March 07. He spent it ALL on the game, which allows you to buy virtual weapons and equipment with cash. On July 14 2007, he bought 20 packs of Tetramine, a rat poison, which he then used to poison his father…

Four Google executives to stand trial in Italy


This is a rather worrying story. Google is awaiting confirmation from Italian courts that four of its employees will face trial there for failing to stop a video being uploaded that shows a disabled kid getting bullied. Sources claim that they stand accused of defamation and failure to exercise control over personal data.

The video in question shows, over the course of three minutes, four kids harassing a kid with Down’s Syndrome, and hitting him over the head with a pack of tissues. It was posted back in September 2006, and Google removed it within a day after it received a complaint, but that wasn’t good enough, claim prosecutors. It gained about 12,000 views…

STATTACK: You're twice as likely to get your phone nicked in London than in New York


If there was ever a reason to go to GameCityThree, rather than the London Games Festival, then this is it. Carphone Warehouse reckons that 25% of adults in London have had their phone nicked, compared to 15% in the rest of the country. 14% of British teenagers have had their phone stolen, compared to 9% of teens in the USA, and 7% of adults. In London in 2007, there were three robberies per 1000 people, whereas in New York, there were only 1.61…