Idiotic juror asks her Facebook friends to vote guilty/not guilty in child kidnapping case

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facebook-poll-juror.jpg“I don’t know which way to go, so I’m holding a poll” a female juror wrote in a vote application on her Facebook page when she couldn’t make her mind up about a court case she was part of.

The unnamed juror failed to set any sort of privacy options on her plea for help, meaning the entire Facebook-using portion of the internet was capable of viewing her confused cry for help.

This might’ve been quite amusing if she was serving on a trial of a teenager charged with stealing Maltesers from Woolworths or that of a policeman caught doing 150mph in a 30 zone in his Mondeo, but her case was in fact that of Nelson Claudino, Farooq Ahmed and Hardeep Singh, who were jointly charged with child abduction and sexual assault.

She was rumbled, grassed up to the judge at Burnley Crown Court and promptly kicked off the case, which continued with 11 men and women of hopefully sounder and more discreet mind.

(Via Metro)

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