LG KB770: touchscreen TV phone with DVB-T receiver – Germany only :(

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People of Germany, prepare to be happy. LG has announced it’s teamed up with mobile TV solutions company DiBcom to bring you a phone on which you can watch live TV.

The excitingly named LG KB770 is a 3G handset with a DVB-T receiver stuffed inside to grab any free-to-air programming out there and bring it straight to your 400 x 240, 3″ touchscreen. Looking rather like a PDA with an aerial, the device supports HSDPA as well as all the usual 2G protocols and will be available from this month.

DVB-T phones are nothing wildly new in Germany although there’s been little action on that front in the rest of Europe despite our compatible broadcast signal. I’m suspecting prohibitive UK licensing rather than there being no demand over here. I demand. I am demanding. Doesn’t everyone want a phone that they can watch TV on – provided that the battery life isn’t two seconds? Then, I suppose with the likes of the BBC airing all the programming live online anyway, is it all too late?


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Daniel Sung
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