LG Prada II as expected, only with a free watch

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Now when I say “free”, I don’t know that the Prada Link accessory watch comes free with this second edition of the handset made by LG. In fact, it probably doesn’t. You probably have to pay even more than the expected £475 when it hits the shelves later this month.

All the same, LG and Prada will be unveiling their new luxury gadget this evening. The spec is identical to that wot Andy wrote a little while back with the added bonus of the sexy looking, metal-bodied LG LBA-T950 or Prada Link as it’s known.

The Link is essentially a Bluetooth watch that not only looks pretty swish but also prevents all you monied-up dames from having to get your valuables out when you’re in some shady inner city slum.


It’ll alert you by sound or vibration when you receive a call as well as display the caller’s ID or any SMS when you receive them and all before having to decide whether it’s worth picking up the phone or not.

The main handset itself measures 104.5mm x 54.0mm x 16.75mm and weighs 130g (the Link is a further 51g). The 3.0″ touchscreen is WVGA at 240 x 400. The watch has a 0.9″ OLED display and comes in either black or white.

It’s easy to slate designer phones as trumped up old rubbish but on first site the LG Prada II is a well thought out, good looking piece of kit, even if it’s more than you’d planned on spending on your next handset.

The QWERTY keyboard, the touchscreen, the 5-megapixel camera, the slow-motion video capture, the HSDPA connection, the browsing, the DivX support and now the Bluetooth accessory; none of these are accidents. LG brings the tech and Prada the glam and the style. Very nice really – if you like that sort of thing.

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