Second Life joins Hell's Angels and Latin Kings on FBI Gang list

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screenshot-secondlife[4].jpgThose of you planning to shift a massive shipment of cocaine/smack/clarkey cat through Second Life; first off, you’re idiots. Secondly, think twice; the FBI have got your little virtual world on lock down.

Second Life have been added to the Federal Bureau of Intelligence’s latest “National Gang Threat Assessment” list, stating that would-be crooks are using the virtual world to organise criminal activities, making Second Life a threat comparable to the Hell’s Angels, Latin Kings and Los Zetas.

Head to page 41 of the report, and you’ll find this excerpt on the network:

Second Life is a computer-based virtual world with a simulated environment where users inhabit and interact via avatars, or graphical representations the virtual world may depict a real world or a fantasy world. Users communicate through text-chat and real-time voice-based chat. Second Life provides versatility and anonymity and allows for covert communications. Because of its anonymity and versatility, gang members could potentially use second life to recruit, spread propaganda, commit other crimes such as drug trafficking, and receive training for real-world criminal operations.

Seriously FBI, you’ve excelled yourselves this year with the wierd additions to the list. As if Second Life wasn’t stupid enough as it is, the FBI are also tracking Juggalos, AKA fans of the Insane Clown Posse. Fans of any (c)rap collective capable of anything as unintentionally ridiculous and hilarious as this are surely harmless, right?

F**king Magnets!

Gerald Lynch
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