Ubisoft to ink Assassin's Creed movie deal giving them complete creative control

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assassins-creed-brotherhood.jpgIt’s long been rumoured, but it now seems that Assassin’s Creed developers Ubisoft and Sony Pictures have agreed upon a deal that will see the historical backstabbing gaming franchise hit the big screen.

However, a report from Vulture suggests that this will be quite an unprecedented game-to-movie adaptation, insomuch as it will grant Ubisoft, not the studio, complete creative control over the project.

“As a director, even Steven Spielberg cannot get this kind of deal,” a source told Vulture, using the Hollywood giant to illustrate just how rare a deal this is.

According to the source, Ubisoft will have control over everything from the budget, script and actors to the release date, and even the ability to “pull the plug” on the entire project should they not be pleased with the results.

Ubisoft have apparently wrangled the deal as they are coughing up most of the money for the project, and have insisted on the unique terms after feeling the Prince of Persia film they green-lit was a missed opportunity.

We often bemoan the fact that game-to-movie adaptations are shoddy cash-ins. Could an Assassin’s Creed movie overseen directly by the series’ creators buck the trend?

Via: Vulture

Gerald Lynch
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