Sony's MEX-BT3600U in-car CD tuner stereo system will let you roll with your homies in style


Sony has rolled out a new in-car CD tuner, the MEX-BT3600U, which’ll let you play from a USB-enabled MP3 player, stream your choons via a Bluetooth compatible Walkman jobbie, or play from one of those roundy silver shiny discs you have littering the floor of your car. Remember those?

In addition to those features, it can also be used as a Bluetooth headset of some description, with Bluetooth-enabled handsets allowing for hands-free calls via the microphone on the head unit’s front panel.

Controversially, the MEX-BT3600U…

Onkyo launches CBX-300 iPod-friendly receiver system


It must be the season for home audio components with built-in iPod docks — just when you thought the craze had died out. The latest offering comes from Onkyo. Their CBX-300 features an iPod dock, CD player, and radio, built in to a sleek, compact, shiny black cabinet.

Onkyo’s engineers spent time making a rigid chassis which helps to avoid unwanted resonance. The 8cm OMF (Onkyo Micro Fibre) diaphragm speakers are mounted in separate enclosures inside the main chassis, and the Active Bass Control allows for decent bass response even at low volume levels…

Brits still like music CDs despite rise in Internet downloads

cd_rack.jpgWe’re still an nation who likes our CD collections, according to recent figures from the British Phonographic Industry.

Despite the rise in popularity of music downloading (both legal and not), nearly half of the people recently surveyed by PlusNet said that they thought it would be at least ten years until the CD becomes obsolete, with one n ten saying that the format would never die.

Mac users pay for more digital and CD music than PC users, report suggests

itunes_logo.gifIt seems that there’s always a new way to stir up the age old rift between PC and Mac users, and the latest report to have a go comes from the NPD Group research firm, who even go as far as to state that, “there’s still a cultural divide between Apple consumers and the rest of the computing world”.

Well, I suppose we knew that really. Apparently, half of Mac owners surveyed say that they have paid to download songs from sites such as iTunes, compared to 16% of PC owners.

In addition, Mac users are more likely to buy music CDs — 32% compared to 28% of PC users.