Mac users pay for more digital and CD music than PC users, report suggests

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itunes_logo.gifIt seems that there’s always a new way to stir up the age old rift between PC and Mac users, and the latest report to have a go comes from the NPD Group research firm, who even go as far as to state that, “there’s still a cultural divide between Apple consumers and the rest of the computing world”.

Well, I suppose we knew that really. Apparently, half of Mac owners surveyed say that they have paid to download songs from sites such as iTunes, compared to 16% of PC owners.

In addition, Mac users are more likely to buy music CDs — 32% compared to 28% of PC users.

“Mac users are not only more active in digital music, they are also more likely to buy CDs, which helps debunk the myth that digital music consumers stop buying music in CD format,” said Russ Crupnick, VP and entertainment industry analyst.

Mac users also tend to spend more time listening to music on their computers than PC users — 56% compared to 31% — and have uploaded music to their MP3 player (34% to 16%).

It would be shameful of me to draw any conclusions about either the honesty of Mac users, or how much darn time we they spend on our their beloved computers. I’m sure you can do that.

(Via Digital Media Wire)

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  • Not really, Frank, The headline says “pay for more” not “pay more for” — as in, pay for larger quantities of music, not pay larger amounts for the same music.

  • You headline would be more accurate if it read “Mac users spend more on digital and CD music than PC users”. Your current headline implies that PC users are getting a better deal on their music purchases than Mac users — something that’s not supported by the data.

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