SIM2 updates Domino D80 projector, gives us D80-E in time for Chrimbo

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<img style=”margin:5px; float: left;alt=”sim2-d80e.jpg” src=”” width=”242″ height=”169″ />Back in November of last year, SIM2 launched the Domino D80 projector, which was actually quite affordable for the amount of performance sitting prettily away in the chassis, waiting anxiously for the next HD DVD to wow you with.

Just in time for Christmas, the company’s given us a brilliant present, updating the D80 and lowering the price by several thousand pounds. The new model has DLP technology (and Texas Instruments’ 0.95-inch 1080p DarkChip3 chipset), giving users uncompressed full 1080p pictures.

In other words, for a bargainous £4,500, you’re getting the same technology that beefs up the HT3000E, decidely more pricey at £10,000.

As you’d expect, BrilliantColor colour enhancement and the Unishape lamp system play pivotal roles in giving you a clear, bright image from up to three metres away. With 10-bit video processing, and a plethora of inputs including HDMI, it’s available this month in matte black or white for £4,500. A true steal if ever I saw one.


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