Feast your eyes on SIM2's Grand Cinema C3X 1080 projector – no drooling!

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Trust SIM2 to roll out yet another gorgeous looking projector to join their bevy of beauties, if they keep this up, they’ll have a harem soon enough. Mmm, a harem of glossy 3-chip DLP projectors – don’t get too excited, boys.

The Grand Cinema C3X 1080 not only looks good enough to cuddle for a whole evening, but performs with the excellence SIM2 have been known for for many years now. As you’d expect, it’s a 3-chip DLP-touting device, which has the pleasure of holding the muchly-coveted prize of being the world’s smallest and lightest of its kind. No word on pricing yet, which can only mean one thing – like most curvaceous models this gorgeous, it’ll be completely unattainable for most of us. Rats. Better start practising the Jedi mind-tricks to tempt it into your bedroom, then.


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Katherine Hannaford
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