SIM2 updates Domino D80 projector, gives us D80-E in time for Chrimbo

Back in November of last year, SIM2 launched the Domino D80 projector, which was actually quite affordable for the amount of performance sitting prettily away in the chassis, waiting anxiously for the next HD DVD to wow you with.

Just in time for Christmas, the company’s given us a brilliant present, updating the D80 and lowering the price by several thousand pounds. The new…

Feast your eyes on SIM2's Grand Cinema C3X 1080 projector – no drooling!

Trust SIM2 to roll out yet another gorgeous looking projector to join their bevy of beauties, if they keep this up, they’ll have a harem soon enough. Mmm, a harem of glossy 3-chip DLP projectors – don’t get too excited, boys.

The Grand Cinema C3X 1080 not only looks good enough to cuddle for a good few hours, but performs with the excellence SIM2 have been known for for many years now. As you’d expect, it’s a 3-chip DLP-touting device, which has the pleasure…