Arcam shrinks the renowned Solo system, names it the Solo Mini

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Arcam’s Solo range has just gotten slightly bigger, if you can count something dubbed the ‘Solo Mini’ as being ‘big’.

The aluminum exterior contains a CD player, DAB/FM/AM radio, and iPod and MP3 player integration plus USB port for any other devices you want to play from. It actually adopts the same amplifiers as the full-sized Solo, so whilst the box may be smaller, the volume is still massive with its 25 watts per channel.

If you’re looking for any other features, you can set it to wake you up in the mornings by CD or radio. Absolutely perfect. Expect it to become available in early March, for £650, or for £900 with some Arcam MUSO speakers thrown in as well, saving you £30.


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Katherine Hannaford
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