The 2133 UMPC from HP has (maybe) been confirmed for April shipping


The stories about HP’s 2133 UMPC have just heated up, with some more concrete information coming our way via Engadget.

They’re claiming that the 9.8″ ultra-portable PC will drop in April for $630, or about £315, if the conversion rate is obeyed. It’ll run on Windows XP and include a 45nm Penryn processor, ExpressCard/54 slot, webcam and additional flash storage if needed.

It’s got Wi-Fi connectivity along with an Ethernet port, and just one USB, by the sounds of things.

No other details are known about the UMPC, however at that price, it will have serious rivals with the likes of Samsung’s Q1, HTC’s Shift and OQO’s e2.

HP (via Engadget)

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