Onkyo launches CBX-300 iPod-friendly receiver system

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It must be the season for home audio components with built-in iPod docks — just when you thought the craze had died out. The latest offering comes from Onkyo. Their CBX-300 features an iPod dock, CD player, and radio, built in to a sleek, compact, shiny black cabinet.

Onkyo’s engineers spent time making a rigid chassis which helps to avoid unwanted resonance. The 8cm OMF (Onkyo Micro Fibre) diaphragm speakers are mounted in separate enclosures inside the main chassis, and the Active Bass Control allows for decent bass response even at low volume levels.

The unit features four pre-set equaliser settings — Standard, Dynamic, Vocal and Clear — plus four mode timer, fully functioned remote control unit, and compatibility with CDs containing MP3 or WMA files.

Available now for £229.


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Andy Merrett
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