Google Chrome TV ad hits the airwaves

Google has taken, what is for them, an unprecedented marketing step by releasing a TV advert to promote one of their services. A 30-second commercial for Chrome is now airing in the States to encourage the public to use their browser which launched a year ago.

The advert was put together by a team from YouTube and is obviously designed to demonstrate the simplicity of the software with the playschool look animation. That’s all very well and good on YouTube but Google’s aim is to take market share away from IE, which currently handles over 60% of US traffic, and that could be difficult when the advert doesn’t explain what Chrome actually is.

Apple BANS Opera from the iPhone


Opera, the little browser that could, has developed a version of its software that would run on the iPhone, but Apple won’t let them release it, claims co-founder and CEO Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner. Opera has a mini-browser built for many mobile platforms, but because it competes with Apple’s own Safari browser, the iPhone makers won’t let it onto their platform.

It’s a damn shame, because although the iPhone browsing experience is acceptable (unlike a lot of phones), it’s not perfect, and Opera has a track record of significantly improving the mobile experience on almost every platform it’s available on. The iPhone might be a great device, but its closed nature and uber-controlled user experience has its downsides, and this is one of them.

Opera (via NYT)

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