Browser wars: Chrome rises in popularity on back of TV ads

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After our article about what your browser choice says about your IQ, class, today’s insights into the browser wars will focus on popularity.

While scoring only average in the intelligence stakes, Google Chrome is the winner in terms of grabbing market share. Now serving 22% of all UK web users, a nifty TV advertising campaign has ensured Chrome has now overtaken Firefox as the second most popular browser in the UK. In fourth place is Safari with 9% share.

(On a related note – the new version of Safari (5.1) just launched has a very clever feature, the ‘Reading List’. A little pair of glasses on the shortcuts bar lets you save articles to read for later. Like it.)

And the most popular browser in the UK? Internet Explorer. Really. … It goes to show that having a look around your immediate surroundings is not a good way to ascertain what is ‘normal’, as I don’t know anyone who uses IE. Anyone?

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