Browser wars: Internet Explorer users have lower IQs, study claims

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It feels kind of mean to point this out, but here we go. It seems that users of Internet Explorer have lower IQs than users of other web browsers. Really. Or at least this was the result of a study by AptiQuant.

We have unfortunately read nothing to help us understand WHY this had become a topic for study, but here it is anyway: users of Internet Explorer 5 have an IQ score of just over 80. Over 100,000 adults were quizzed for this, and it seems the brain trust uses Opera or Camino. Those preferring Firefox or Chrome can comfort themselves the likelihood of having a more average IQ score, of around 110.

The scientists behind this little nugget of a study have concluded it’s not really the browser itself that determines IQ, but how likely the user is to welcome change, as in, upgrade. Internet Explorer is one of the first browsers launched, while Camino remains very niche and would potentially be more likely to appeal to the curiously minded. The study also showed that those with the oldest versions of Internet Explorer had lower IQs than those using the newest version. If that helps.

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