Browser choice ballot rolls out to Windows Internet Explorer users

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Microsoft Browser ballot.pngFollowing an EU mandate regarding Microsoft’s web browser monopoly with thier Internet Explorer software, a new Windows update today will offer users a host of alternative web browser options.

European Windows XP, Vista and 7 users will be presented with the option of setting Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Internet Explorer as thier default web browser.

Scrolling through the list a little further presents a further seven browers; AOL, Maxthon, K-Meleon, Flock, Avant Browser, Sleipnir and Slim Browser.

Though Microsoft claim that the update’s coding presents each browser in a random order, many believe that the updates coding suggests otherwise, with a bias towards certain browsers.

Will the now clearly marked alternatives encourage you to switch browsers? Will you be sticking with Internet Explorer, or do you already use one of the other options? Let us know.

Gerald Lynch
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