Bbrrrrrring! It's the retro iPod alarm clock!

retro-ipod-alarm-clock.jpgThe new 160GB iPod Classic has a promised battery life of 40 hours, which means in theory, you could wake up with it two days in a row without ever turning it off. Alternatively, you could get the Retro iPod Alarm Clock for your old-skool iPod.

It’s a charging dock with speakers and alarm function, designed to look like, yes, a retro alarm clock. The speakers are actually housed within the fake bells. Don’t worry sleepyheads, it does have a nine-minute snooze function.

Top five Simpsons gadgets, just in time for the movie!

I was in Paris last week, and on a late night drunken binge, we ventured into Quick, which was obviously the red light district’s premiere fast food joint. I knew the Simpsons film was vaguely around the corner, but their completely Homer-fied menu quickly (heh) knocked the proximity into me. So, in ode to the Simpsons-themed ‘Long Fish’ burger, and Simpsons-fries I don’t *actually* remember eating, here’s my list of the five best Simpsons gadgetry Bart would spend his pocket-money on. That last sentence was so meta my mind feels like a deep-fryer now, and speaking of which…