RC Weather Clock gives you a 12-hour weather forecast


weatherclock.jpgThe RC Weather Clock is more than a simple alarm clock, because this cube also has a built-in barometer that will measure the atmospheric pressure in order to forecast the day’s weather.

It will work at indoor temperature (kind of useful unless you sleep outside), has a calendar, light, and alarm clock functionality, and batteries are included.

It doesn’t have anything else fancy like a radio, but it does appear to produce some pretty LCD pictures of what weather is in store, complete with a temperature.

Quite how accurate it is? Well, it can’t do any worse in our British climate than you looking out of the window in the morning and dressing completely inappropriately for the inevitable change in conditions ten minutes after you’ve left for work.

It measures just 6.5cm cubed, so you’ll also need to be someone who doesn’t wake up with blurry vision, else it’s not going to be much use either.

This mini meteorological marvel can be yours for just £9.50 from Marks and Spencer, and comes with a 2 year guarantee, though that doesn’t cover its predictions.

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Andy Merrett
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