New online game lets you become a virtual MEP!


bemep.jpgLooking for some online, virtual excitement but the thought of strange lands, weird creatures and exotic weaponry just a bit too much like following the crowd? Maybe something a bit more serious your cup of tea?

Well, there’s a new online game that lets you become… wait for it… a virtual Member of the European Parliament. Yes, really…

I know I’ve lost count of the times I’ve longed to venture to Brussels and get involved in pan-European politics, but haven’t wanted to do a Robert Kilroy-Silk to get there (even less go via a sensible route). So this is perfect, for now anyone can take part in virtual debates, votes, resolutions, and all those other scary political things…

One snag is that you will need to find 18 other friends who share your passion to become virtual politicians. There are fictitious parties including the Liberal ALDE group, CP, Development and Freedom, and eYouth.

The winner is the group who has got the highest number of points by 30th March next year, and you win points by forecasting the outcomes of selected European Parliament votes (I think that’s real ones), internal voting, drafting and voting in resolutions, and correctly answering EU current affairs questions.

According to the Robert Schuman Foundation who invented the game, its aim is to raise the awareness of the European Parliament and familiarise young citizens.

The game started at the beginning of October but you can still sign up at Go on, you know you want to…

Andy Merrett
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