CES 2007: Is it a clock? No! It's a WidgetStation!

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widgetstation-ces.jpgEven the humble alarm clock is getting connected these days. We’ve written about WidgetStation before, but I took the opportunity to get hands on with it at CES. It’s a desk clock with two 2.5-inch LCD screens side-by-side. On the left, there’s a mono screen which displays the time, and data like the weather, a calendar and a world clock if desired.

But on the right, there’s a colour screen which displays a number of ‘widgets’ – small applications that you download from maker Emtrace Technologies’ website, which can pull in data from the internet via a Wi-Fi, Ethernet or USB connection. Example widgets include news, webcam feeds, stock shares, internet radio stations, and even services like Flickr or Google News.

You can create your own widgets too, and share them with other WidgetStation users, while Emtrace plans to come up with a constant stream of them itself too. The WidgetStation won’t go on sale until the second half of 2007, and although the price hasn’t been fixed yet, it’ll be less than $300 in the US. European distribution will hopefully follow later, says the company.

WidgetStation website

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One thought on “CES 2007: Is it a clock? No! It's a WidgetStation!

  • $300 for two little 2.5″ screens – and only one of them in color? No alarm functions? No music functions?

    No thanks. I’ll pass. I’ve got better things to spend my $300 on.

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