WidgetStation – all your information needs at your bedside


Korean firm emTrace has the solution to all your information needs – the WidgetStation. In fact, coming in not much bigger than a traditional radio alarm, you can even have it all at your bedside.

The WidgetStation features two LCD screens (but just one in colour) and offers quick access to all the information it can grab off the net, including stocks and shares and your favourite RSS feeds. And of course, it tells you the time and gives you the weather outside without having to open the curtains.

And there’s more – you can view photos on the colour screen and you can listen to internet radio stations (though strangely, there’s no listed support for AM/FM). There is another problem too – there isn’t any built-in Wi-Fi, which the device seems to be screaming out for. So you’ll need a cable as long as the distance from your router. Let’s hope that’s sorted before the release date of early 2007. More on this when we hear it.

emTrace website (in Korean)

Via Engadget

Dave Walker
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