iSound Music Showcase Speakers – bathtime fun for your iPod

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Seeing as you’ve loaded several hundred tracks onto your iPod, you might as well take every opportunity to play them back. In fact, you can even play your iPod as you relax in the bath with the iSound Music Showcase Speakers.

It’s not just for the bath, but anywhere your player might get wet – at the beach, near the pool or in the wind and rain. The iSound protects your ipod from the water, along with sand, soap, sun tan lotion, soaps and shower gel. If it drops into the water, it floats – and the polycarbonate body and rubber bumper make it virtually unbreakable, scratch and shock-proof.

The 4 x AA batteries will provide over 24 hours of playback, with a sound output of 6 watts. The iSound fits all types of iPod except the Shuffle and a rubber membrane over the click wheel means you can flick through tracks, with volume control on the front of the speaker.

Available now, priced at £69.99.

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