CES 2007: myvu personal media viewer

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myvu.jpgIt wouldn’t be CES without the odd pair of futuristic video-playing eyeglasses. And right on cue, how about the myvu personal media viewer, which is out in a Made for iPod edition?

It’s compatible with 30GB, 60GB and 80GB iPods, and promises a battery life of up to eight hours watching TV shows, music videos, podcasts and films from your iPod. It also acts as a hard case for your iPod, and even comes with a car adapter. I don’t think you’re supposed to use it while driving, mind.

myvu costs just under $300 in the US, although no news on whether it’ll come to the UK, I’m afraid. I can tell you that it works well, with fairly comfortable earphones. I’d still feel a bit self-conscious wearing it in public, though. But if you’re keen to surf the futuristic video wave (i.e. you don’t mind looking like a Star Trek extra), it’s cool.

myvu website

Stuart Dredge
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