Bbrrrrrring! It's the retro iPod alarm clock!


retro-ipod-alarm-clock.jpgThe new 160GB iPod Classic has a promised battery life of 40 hours, which means in theory, you could wake up with it two days in a row without ever turning it off. Alternatively, you could get the Retro iPod Alarm Clock for your old-skool iPod.

It’s a charging dock with speakers and alarm function, designed to look like, yes, a retro alarm clock. The speakers are actually housed within the fake bells. Don’t worry sleepyheads, it does have a nine-minute snooze function.

It’s adjustable for different iPods too, although I’m not sure if that includes the new iPod Classic and iPod Touch models. It’s available in black, pink or white and costs £39.95.

Retro iPod Alarm Clock

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