GALLERY: HP bosses to product team: "Release the mice!"

In a dark castle, somewhere in deepest Transylvania, HP’s bosses squint into a crystal ball. “What do you see?” says one. “Everyone’s in Barcelona at MWC” comes the reply. “Ah! So the last thing anyone would expect is for us to release five different mice and a webcam, with some targeted towards women!”.

Joking aside, here we’ve got four mice, a mouse-and-keyboard combo, and a webcam. They run the gamut of target audiences, from gamers to girls (not that two audiences can’t overlap) and they all look pretty, so I’ve stuck them in the gallery. Click on the flowery number below to begin.

Logitech shows off its revamped gaming lineup – two keyboards a headset and a mouse


Next up, it’s Logitech’s turn to show off its new products to the world. They’ve got the G19 keyboard, the G13 gameboard, the G9x mouse and the G35 surround sound headset. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that the G stands for ‘gaming’, because these are all very squarely focused at PC gamers.

I’ll start with the G19, which we spotted previously, but called the G18. In every other respect, though, it seems to be the same model – it’s got the same 320 x 240 colour LCD, the same 12 macro keys, and the superb “game mode” switch that disables the Windows key so you don’t hit it by accident at a crucial moment. No sign of that D-pad, though.

Logitech celebrates its billionth mouse


The humble computer mouse has come a long way since the Sixties when it was first demonstrated, and though some believe that the advent of touchscreens and other new innovations mark the demise of it, Logitech doesn’t think so.

Today it has announced that it has shipped its billionth mouse, and is looking forward to bringing out more innovating mouse-based input devices in the future.

Logitech’s president and CEO, Gerald P Quindlen, said that the company’s MX Air and diNovo Mini hinted at what the company has in store.

Top 10 Tuesday: Best Mice Ever


The computer mouse is 40 years old. Mine isn’t, it’s more like one, but the original concept prototype as built in 1968 by Doug Engelbart and his team from the Stanford Research Institute in California certainly is.

Sadly, Doug never struck it rich. His patent ran out just before Apple popularised the little gizmos but he did receive the National Medal of Technology from Bill Clinton. Not sure how much they’re worth and I’d imagine Steve Jobs has probably got 12 of his own but one thing that the Apple dictator doesn’t have is his own inspired Top 10 Tuesday…

Gyration Air Mouse launching in the UK


Movea has announced that its Gyration Air Mouse, which allows control of a PC both with and without a flat surface to work on, is coming soon to the UK.

When you’ve a desk in front of you, its laser-guided precision tracking works just like a normal mouse. However, when you’re away from your desk, or feel like waving something around in the air while actually getting something useful done, its MotionSense technology provides precise in-air motion tracking. Giving the mouse quick flicks with the wrist can advance presentations, control multimedia, start and stop effects, change audio volume or TV channel, and more…