CES 2010: Razer and Sixense bring motion gaming to the PC

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razer motion.jpgIf you’re a PC gamer feeling a bit left out by all this buzz surrounding motion control, relax; Razer and Sixense have you covered.

The two peripheral manufactures have teamed up to bring motion sensing controllers to your Counter Strike death-match.

Like a Frankenstein mix of Project Natal and Wiimotes, the device uses gestures like swipes and tilts to get your gaming done.

PC gamers are very particular about their peripherals, with the hardcore shelling out wads of cash for low-latency, high accuracy mice. Razer are well respected in the field, but will have to pull off something special for this to appeal to any but the most niche of audiences.

Head over to Engadget for a look at the device at work.

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Gerald Lynch
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