Microsoft notebook Cooling Base and extra Arc Mice colours

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Microsoft-Cooling-base.jpgIt’s all very well having the Xbox but, what with the notebook market currently under explosion, you can understand why Microsoft might not be feeling the love in the PC hardware market.

So, today, they set aside their Lifecams and announce a slightly pointless laptop cooling station for the price of $29.95 when it’s out in July. So, basically, it’s a tray with a fan in it. It tilts your machine up at a very slight angle, tethers it to the wall and generally chips away at the wonderful simplicity of form that is a notebook. Not on my Christmas/birthday list.

On the other hand, if anyone wants to buy me one of their Arc Mice, which now come in a spectrum of exciting colours, I wouldn’t have too much of a problem with that. You might though. They’ll cost $49.95 from June.

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Daniel Sung
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