Sexy View – mobile malware not a pr0n site

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mobile-worm.jpgIt may sound like the kind of thing Borat would say but Sexy View is a piece of malware aimed at mobile phones and designed to send back data on your handset and your number.

It targets S60 3rd Edition mobiles and may be called Yxes.A but it’s not supposed to directly interfere with your mobile. Instead it will simply gather the serial and phone number, and send them on.

It’s possible that this worm could be upgraded to do more in the future and the worse case scenario is a botnet of zombie phones doing all sorts of things people don’t want their phones doing, including racking up data charges and making premium rate phone calls to specific numbers. Cue much hand rubbing from anti-virus software companies.

No need to panic though. Remember kids, you can’t get a virus unless you go clicking on thing you shouldn’t. So, surf safe and, if you can’t surf safe, surf broke.

Thanks again to Leon for another fine spot.

(via New Scientist)

Daniel Sung
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