Logitech V550 the clip on mouse that follows you everywhere you go

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Logitech has launched a new mouse today designed for those with annoying laptops or a fear of trackpads. The Logitech V550 “Clip-and-Go” sounds rather like a shampoo advert but is actually quite a neat little peripheral that sticks to the side of your notebook like a lone limpet while you travel from room to room or country to country or wherever it is your exciting mobile digital life takes you.

The mouse is blissfully wireless and works with an 8mm plug and forget nano receiver that clicks in but unfortunately does permanently use up one of your USB ports. I hope you’ve got one spare.


The squeaker itself is of the laser variety, requires 2xAA batteries to keep it running and fixes onto the front of your machine by the little clip as shown in the image just up there.

You’ll be able to catch it and make it your own at the end of the month and, although I’m being told the price is £39.99, at the moment it looks like a tenner more on the website.

Whatever you end up paying – £39.99 I suspect – it comes with a full 3 years of warranty which could come in very useful for a peripheral well positioned to get crushed by accident. Bet that’s not covered though.


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